sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2008

Chá de Lingerie

My girl friends and the women in my family decided to throw a bachelorette party for me in Brazil. I know I am not going to get married in the next 10 years (kidding, that's my expiration date to have children, actually), but I think it's a cultural thing.
In my country, when a couple decides to move in together, this new sort of life is considered a marriage. Most of young people here live with their parents during, and even after graduation, and people see as a big step to leave the parent's house, especially if the person is going to live with their significant other. I am an exception because I have been living by myself since I was 18 years old.
Anyway, I started to take care of the party today - o chá de lingerie - and I went to a sex shop. It was not my first time there - these places have wonderful lingerie -, but I always feel a little bit uncomfortable seeing those things that measure 30cm or more. It is just too much.
I also bought some little gifts for my girl friends and decorations. I am pretty happy and excited about the party because my friends who live in Porto Alegre are going to Pelotas to join me. They also want to go out there. And the best part, I will get lots of beautiful brazilian lingerie before going to the US!
Not that I have something against american lingerie... But in general I think they are too big for brazilian women.

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