terça-feira, 10 de junho de 2008

I, you and we

A close friend once told me that she nearly got divorced in the first month of her marriage. She said that she could not see a “bed of roses” in her new life, only overwhelming differences between the personality of her old boyfriend and her new husband.
I think all couples like to believe that they are a better match than other couples. My recent experience, however, has been telling me that regardless of the case couples act in a very similar way. They do all they can to be together – by that I mean to have a serious commitment – and when they finally achieve that goal, they fight because they are together.
It is not that they love less or they have suddenly changed their minds and don’t like one another anymore. It is just a non-sense thing about how we get used to live by ourselves and how we are accustomed to be individualists. If in the past the objective was to be together – I would like to be with … –, we just don’t know how to stay together – We should see your friends, We should wash the dishes, We should go to the grocery store. In fact, I suppose we should accept each other the way we are, but we just don’t know how to be “we”.

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